Nipple Bar and Trough

We manufacture a range of stainless steel Nipple Bars with Bite Nipples or Nipple Bar Troughs with Vertical Nipples. High grade stainless steel tube @26.9mm O/D with 1.5mm wall thickness is used for the Nipple Bars with both variations designed to Freedom Foods specifications concerning flow rate of clean water, drinking space per pig (10 pigs per 1 nipple) and installation height. The Troughs are made of 1.5mm 430 grade stainless steel ensuring both these and the Bars are built with durability being paramount. Grade 430 is magnetic but resistant to biological washing detergents etc.

Our Nipple Bars & Troughs have proven to be an invaluable asset to stockmen both indoors and outdoors as the reduced levels of wasted water help decrease straw usage. Nipple Bar Troughs have also increased volumes of water consumed by animals leading to improved growth rates; this is most notable in Weaners/Grower Pigs. Due to reduced wastage these troughs are approved for medication.

Bite Nipples are designed to only release clean water when an animal has continuous physical contact with the unit by biting down on it compared to Vertical Nipples which feature a nudge bar. When nudged, the Nipple releases water into the Trough below where the pigs then suck up the clean water and there is very little wastage.

The lengths we offer Nipple Bars & Troughs are as follows:

  • 2 – 15-Space with a total length range of 486 – 3008mm when assembled with bend.

As standard our Nipple Bars and Trough come complete with Stainless Steel, Bung, 90º Bend and 1m Upright Pipe.

Please note that when Nipple Bars and Troughs are used in conjunction with our Drinker Hurdles we supply 8-Space as standard.

In order to create a product tailored to your individual needs we provide variations on our standard equipment. These options are detailed below.

Additional Options

Adjustable Height Brackets and Anti-Luce Latches

To conform to Freedom Foods specifications, Nipple Bars & Troughs must be at the correct height for the size/weight of the animals drinking from them. To ensure this is met Adjustable Height Brackets are offered. These are manufactured from stainless steel. They can be bolted to an existing wall with the Troughs fixed in place using antiluce latches. The pigs cannot easily get to the antiluce latches however it is easy for a stockman to adjust the height.

Anti-Frost Tubing

This has proven to be essential in the majority of circumstances where Nipple Bars are situated within our Tents and outside runs. The anti-frost tubing helps prevent water freezing within the Nipple Bar ensuring animals have access to clean water even in sub-zero temperatures. The anti-frost tubes compress when ice is formed and return to normal size during thawing. These work well down to -5°c but additional precautions should be taken below -5°c (water flow rates must still be checked regularly in these circumstances).

Technical Specifications & Drawings

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