Drinking Trough

To ensure animal welfare standards are met and growth rates maintained all weights of pigs require constant access to fresh clean water. One option is a Straight-Sided Drinking Trough, available in a range of sizes as listed below.

As with our Wallows, Drinking Troughs are made of heavy duty, 2mm sheet steel, folded for safety. They are hot dip galvanised for longevity and come with fixed hinged lids to protect the float and a valve. The deeper Troughs also come with 16mm bars to prevent wallowing.

Depending on customer requirements and paddock layout, these can be supplied with the float and valve fixed at the end or in the middle of the Trough.

8’ and 6’ Drinking Troughs are 10” deep and 4’ Drinking Troughs are 8” deep.

They are available in the following dimensions:

  • 8’0” x 2’0” – End and mid float available
  • 6’0” x 2’0” – End float only available
  • 4’0″ x 16” – End and mid float available

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