Service Hut

Our Service Huts are 10’0” wide and with an internal height of 5’6” available in a range of lengths as listed below.

As standard our Service Huts come with a 5’0”(W) x 4’1”(H) doorway with 5”step allowing room for mini Heston or round bales of straw ensuring efficient bedding down. The 5” step is designed to allow easy access for the pigs whilst limiting straw loss from the front of the hut. An optional 2” step reduces the occurrence of boars tripping and/or falling over when serving a Sow.

For quick, simple movement with a telehandler, we provide heavy-duty, galvanised lifting frames as standard.

A 5’0”(W) door is also supplied on the hut’s back wall with a sliding wooden vent above. This large door allows sows and/or boars to access the hut freely and allows for plenty of ventilation in the summer. The back door can be bolted shut and the vent adjusted depending on weather conditions.

Standard width 10’ Service Huts are offered as follows with recommended stocking rates according to Freedom Foods:

Size Guide

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