Channel Drinker Trough

Channel Drinker Troughs have been designed for fitting to existing building walls or John Harvey Drinker Hurdles. They are made from high grade 2mm folded, sheet steel which is hot dip galvanised for maximum longevity and rust resistance. Any top or sharp edges have been softly folded for safety.

Channel Troughs have sloped ends keeping mud from the float area and for easy cleaning. They come with 1m stainless steel upright pipe, bend, float and valve as standard.

Channel Drinker Troughs are 5” deep and come in the following standard dimensions:

  • 6” x 7’6” (Pigs <35kg)
  • 10” x 7’6” (Pigs 35-110kg)

In order to create a product tailored to your individual needs we provide variations on our standard equipment. These options are detailed below.

Additional Options

T Bar Anti-Luce or Support Frame

The addition of the above enables the Channel Drinker to be fixed to our specially designed Drinker Hurdles situated within a Tent or Tent/Hut’s outside run.

Wall Bracket (T-Bar only; no Anti-Luce)

With the added option of Wall Brackets, Channel Drinkers can be fixed to a wall. Fixing the Drinker ensures it remains upright and full reducing wastage, straw use and ensuring pigs always have access to fresh, clean water.

Height Adjustment Kit

These are designed to be used in conjunction with Wall Brackets as above. If pigs are being housed in yards/sheds and bedded down on deep litter straw, this can build up and around the Drinkers. The Height Adjustment Kit allows the Drinker to be raised keeping the water clean and fresh as required.

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