Auger Hopper Filler

Auger Hopper Filler

Our Auger Hopper Filler is a mobile bulk trailer with a fixed hydraulically driven Auger for the filling of Feed Hoppers and other bulk feed systems. This is a well tried and tested design, made specifically for the outdoor pig industry, that proves reliable over many years of intensive use. Should you require adaption for other applications such as poultry or cattle feeding, please get in touch with us.

The Auger Hopper Filler is a versatile machine and can be used for the following tasks:

  • Filling tote bins, bulk feeders, and ad-lib hoppers
  • Supplying one/two different types of ration
  • Metering or weigh cells allowing for calibrated delivery
  • Filling buckets or bags using the lower manual chute
  • Can be used with a wide range of meals, crumbles, pellets, pencils, or cobs.

There are many different sizes of hoppers in our range. The most common sizes are four and six tonne, however should you require a different capacity do not hesitate to contact us.

AHF4 (four tonne capacity) and AHF6 (six tonne capacity) machines both come with as standard:

  • Single Rigid Axle
  • Flotation Tyres (550/45-22.5”)
  • 8” Hydraulic Auger
  • Hinge Back Chute c/w Flexi Pipe
  • Road Lights and Brakes
  • Rear chute for Bucket Filling/Emptying

Additional Options

  • Hydraulic Agitator
  • Twin Sprung Axle
  • 560/60-22.5” Flotation Tyres
  • Straw/Piglet box etc Platform
  • Split hopper for feeding different rations
  • Metering or weigh cells
  • Hydraulic vibration usually used with meals and dusty feeds.
  • Low level warning
  • Fold out auger
  • Hydraulic arm to guide feed chute

Need help?

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