Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated Roofing has been a popular choice for a variety of buildings for many years. It is easy to install, flexible, durable, lightweight, and long lasting while requiring little maintenance. This makes it a sustainable and cost-effective traditional cladding.  Our corrugated profiles can be used for both roofing and side sheets.

Our corrugated sheet exceeds the EN 14782 standards and is independently tested to ensure it meets our rigorous standards.

Corrugated Sheet has a wide variety of uses including:

  • Barns
  • Garages
  • Car ports
  • Summer houses
  • Workshops
  • Shepherd’s huts
  • Animal shelters
  • Log stores
  • Kennels
  • Fencing
  • Garden planters
  • Repair Patches for Pig Arks

All our corrugated sheets are 0.7mm thick with 3” corrugation centres and have as standard a heavier duty coating “Z350” zinc coating which means the steel in coated with 350g of zinc per square meter of steel. Z350 is widely used in the outdoor pig industry due to the improved lifespan, gained from the heavier coating.  It is suitable for permitted development of Dutch Barns and farm buildings where a “heavy zinc” coating is required by the planning authority.


We offer Corrugated sheets in the below widths cut to any length up to 25’

  • 10/3 – 30” Cover
  • 11/3 – 33” Cover
  • 12/3 – 36” Cover
  • 13/3 – 39” Cover
  • 14/3 – 42” Cover
  • 15/3 – 45” Cover

Curved Corrugated

Another benefit of corrugated sheet is that it can be rolled into a curve to suit most requirements. To discuss your curved corrugated needs please contact us.


Flashings in the above material can be made to order.

If fixings are required for your Corrugated Sheet we recommend the below supplier with their extensive range of components.

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