Dry Sow Hut

Our Dry Sow Huts are 8’6” wide with an internal height of 5’0” available in a range of lengths as listed below. As standard, our huts include one large front doorway at 5’0”(W) x 4’0”(H) with a 5” step allowing room for mini Heston or round bales of straw ensuring efficient bedding down. The rear of the hut includes a wooden sliding vent for improved ventilation or the additional option of a rear door complete with sliding vent. This can be manually opened or closed depending on weather conditions.

In order to create a product tailored to your individual needs we provide variations on our standard equipment. These options are detailed below.

Dry Sow Huts are offered as follows with recommended stocking rates according to Freedom Foods:

Size Guide

Additional Options

Plastic Lining

Lining the Dry Sow Hut roof with a 6mm, smooth, heavy duty, UV resistant and antibacterial black plastic. The lining has been introduced to better regulate the internal temperature of the Dry Sow Hut providing a more comfortable environment for growing pigs and a reduction in volumes of straw used as it prevents condensation dripping on to the straw. The price of this option includes the cost of having the liner fitted to the inside of the hut. This will not be fitted if the Hut is required in kit form.

Double Door

A door (5’0” W x 4’0”H) at the rear of the hut with wooden sliding vent. When open, the double door option improves ventilation in hot weather by encouraging a through-draft. However, in cold weather the door can be bolted shut and the vent adjusted accordingly limiting any draft. This also gives the stockman better access to the hut if there are piglets to retrieve following a premature birth.

Square Lifting Loop

To encourage safe and efficient lifting we offer kit-form Square Lifting Loops made from heavy duty steel bar and folded steel.

Lifting Frame

Recommended for our larger sized huts, we can supply galvanised lifting frames which are suitable for telehandlers and speed up moving considerably.

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