Ad Lib Feeder

Our selection of Ad-Lib Feeders is highly sought after for Growers/Weaners in Tents or Sheds and those with Dry Sows in paddocks. Manufactured from 3mm sheet steel with 2mm steel lids or tarpaulin covers.

The hopper range holds ½, 1 or 2 tonnes worth of feed (cob, rolls, pellets, pencils and meal) depending on customer specification and needs.

In order to create a product tailored to your individual needs we provide variations on our standard equipment. These options are detailed below.

Additional Options

1/2 Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder

3 off feed spaces on two sides, simple hinge lid for safety, high tine boxes and low level flaps. The lid can be latched in the open position for safe filling.

1 Tonne Ad-Lib Feeder

5 off feed spaces on two sides, easy slide and tilt lid for safety, easy choke adjustment, high tine boxes and low level flaps.

1 Tonne Adjustable Height Ad-Lib Feeder

Variable feed spaces available depending on size of pigs. Adjustable height, simple choke, high tine boxes and tarpaulin cover.

2 Tonne Adjustable Height Ad-Lib Feeder

10 off feed spaces on both sides, adjustable legs and high tine boxes. Useful for large groups in converted cattle sheds with deep litter. Freedom Foods recommends 10 pigs per feed space.

Additional Options
  • Tarp Cover – for outside use.
  • Low level Flaps – to discourage birds gaining access to the feed area. These can be added at a later date if required as the holes for hinges are put in as standard.

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