Water and Drinking Systems

As with the John Harvey feed systems, we offer a range of products designed for individual farrowing paddocks and groups whether they are housed outdoors, indoors or in tents. For those with outdoor pigs, we have variations of wallows and troughs to support the animal’s temperature control and comfort.

Our drinkers have all been designed and manufactured to ensure they meet with Freedom Foods specifications concerning clean water, flow rates and pigs/drinker space. We also sell a range of nipples suitable for bars and tanks depending on the size of the pigs.

Our watering and drinking solutions are made of high grade steel and antibacterial plastic guaranteeing long term value. We realise these products are used constantly and therefore can need replacing so good stocks of products and component parts are kept on site. Depending on numbers and product type, some of these can be sent via recorded courier so if necessary can be with you without delay.

Product Range

Wallow Drinking Trough

Drinking Trough

Channel Drinker Trough

Water Tank and Stand

Nipple Bar and Trough

Saddle Tank

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