Feed Equipment

We offer a range of feeding systems for both outdoor and indoor pig units to maximise your pig’s productivity. John Harvey’s range is made to Freedom Foods specifications concerning pigs/feeding spaces. Whilst ensuring equipment is up to standard, we are constantly updating and modifying existing designs and working with our customers to offer time saving and cost effective options. Where required, our feed equipment can feature lifting frames, channels and brackets making lifting and moving efficient whilst remaining safe.

Our options include feeding solutions for sows in farrowing paddocks, groups of dry sows and weaners and fatteners in tents and indoors. We are also a year into producing our unique range of modified Peter Allen feed trailers. These have proved to work well independently and in conjunction with our farrow feeders and long troughs.

As with the rest of our product list, our feed equipment is made of quality materials ensuring excellent longevity and long term value. Unless galvanised or plastic we use the same high grade of zinc based paint as on our huts to guarantee durability and low maintenance.

Product Range

Feed Trailer

Long Feed Trough

Farrow Feeder

150Kg Farrow Feeder

Ad Lib Feeder

Wiggle Feeder

Plastic Feed Hopper

Farrow Feeder Combination

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