Field Dispenser

Field Dispenser

Our Field Dispenser is a mobile feeding machine that can dispense cobs or pellets. Pellets are generally fed into Long Troughs and Farrow Feeders using the arms. Cobs are thrown into paddocks using an extended chute.

Field Dispensers have proven to offer substantial savings on time, labour and feed due to their unique metering system that is fast, accurate and easy to maintain. It is designed in a way which prevents leakage between operations, improving biosecurity by ensuring feed is only in the desired location. The whole metering unit with spinner can be extracted from the rear even when there is feed in the hopper. Field Dispensers can precisely dispense any amount of feed in 100g increments compared to traditional machines at approximately 1kg. Feed is metered at more than three times the rate when compared to older “spin” feeders. Farmers using our Field Dispenser save large amounts of time, freeing up labour for other jobs.

When equipped with a feed arm the Field Dispenser is a versatile machine and can be used for the following tasks:

  • Daily dispensing into farrow feeders with very precise amounts of feed.
  • Feeding into long throughs (A split hopper can be configured to carry two different rations of feed)
  • Filling Ad-Lib feeders

FDA3 (three tonne capacity) FDA4 (four tonne capacity) trailed machines both come with as standard:

  • Single hopper design with internal ledge to reduce bridging of feed.
  • Rear hatch for bucket filling.
  • Roll over tarpaulin with rear handle for operation from ground level.
  • Highly accurate auger metering into the spinner; new spinner design with reduced feed disintegration.
  • E-stops for safety with warning lights indicating the spinner is working.
  • Cab mounted electronic metering box recording output in Kgs with spinner speed.
  • Front bar tray for buckets or straw.
  • Braked heavy duty axle with park brake, brake shields, road lights.

The FDA4 includes a Galvanised platform with retractable ladder as standard to prevent children climbing on the machine with a larger axle and tyres (this is an additional option on the FDA3).

In order to create a product tailored to your individual needs we provide variations on our standard equipment. These options are detailed below.

Additional Options


Long 2.8m reach

  • Self-resetting break-back system prevents injuries to animals
  • Heavy duty delivery hose
  • 4-way control
  • Perfect for filling hoppers
  • More suited to marginal sites or farms with high fences
  • Optional hydraulic folding

The long reach arm allows the operator to move the arm through a large range of positions. Ensuring the feed is always delivered into the trough, rather than the ground. Due to its long reach (4m from centre of the machine) the tractor and Field Dispenser can stay in the same set of ruts, which minimises damage to the field.

Standard 1.5m reach

  • 3 height settings.
  • 2-way hydraulic adjustment.
  • Spring back with sheer bolt.

Both arms have steel pipe surrounds with rounded edges which combined with the spring-back system prevents injury to animals.


A front platform can be fitted to the FDA3 three tonne version. A rear platform can be added either for small bales, boxes etc or a larger version for big bales.

*The FDA4 Bale Tray on the back requires a heavier axle and tyres.

Low Level Warning

Pressure pad style low level warning system linked to a warning light on the controller.

Special Designs

  • Twin Hopper designs for two rations.
  • Double Hopper with two spinners – one facing either side.
  • Twin axle for larger machines or simply to reduce ground pressure.
  • Mounted lightweight version on skid unit to reduce overall compaction.

Please contact us for more information on any of these.

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