John Harvey’s tents can be seen across all areas of an outdoor pig unit; illustrated by our standard size 16’ x 32’ which are used for fattening weaners, housing dry sows (in line with Freedom Foods specifications), as an AI, weighing or lairage space. We offer variations to the tarpaulin, internal layout, hurdles, backs and ventilation specifications ensuring maximum long term value for our customers.

The tarpaulins are manufactured locally using heavy duty material as used on curtain sided lorries. For increased durability the material is double layered on steelwork and triple layered on pressure points. This is then secured to the floor-level skids, free from fixing bolts; using ratchet straps for ease of disassembly whilst maximising the stability of the framework.

Our tents have been designed with the help of our customers and all feature galvanized skids which come with heavy duty spigots and tabs. These features increase the stability of side hurdles even when there is a build-up of muck inside the tent. We are aware of the need for these areas to be washed down regularly therefore the sides are made up of smooth, heavy duty plastic clad Hurdles and the tarpaulins have antibacterial properties. We are proud to say that our designs have been proven on-farm for over 20 years.

Product Range

Standard Tent

Dry Sow Tent

AI Tent – Gated Pens

AI Tent – Gated Pens and Stalls

Weighing Tent

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