Standard Tent

The frame is made with hot dipped galvanised skids and painted steel uprights, painted upper frame, joiners and brackets with galvanized purlins. It slots together and is easy to assemble. It can be taken down without undoing any bolts.

Weaner Tents come with steel frame, plastic clad 10’0” x 4’0” hurdles which run along the sides of the tent. These are easy to use, strong and can be power washed down.

Tents can be used with or without a hurdle run.

The tarpaulin roof covers are reinforced in both directions and all tarp material is double layered where it touches the tubular frame and triple layered at stress points. They are also UV resistant, anti-bacterial and available in either green or white.

In order to create a product tailored to your individual needs we provide variations on our standard equipment. These options are detailed below.

Standard Tents are offered as follows with recommended stocking rates when complete with Hurdle Run:

Size Guide

Additional Options


We can increase ventilation using spigots in the roof tarpaulin when using the tent for fattening. This lessens condensation which improves straw usage and helps reduce diseases.

Rear of Tent

Two options are available to close off the rear of the tent:

  • Overlap Gate End – 2 off Overlap Hurdles, plastic clad to 4’0”.
  • Feeder Back End – 2 off 30mm x 30mm box Hurdles (Left hand and Right Hand) with spreader bar and height adjustable Black Plastic Feeders.

Alternatively this can be left open.


Our standard outside run Hurdle package includes 38mm RHS ERW galvanised Hurdles, Step Hurdles and Drinker Hurdles (with slots for drinker height adjustment, 8 space Nipple Bar and Trough), all at 8’0” x 4’0”. We do however offer a vast range of Hurdle sizes to compliment your tent.

Click here for a full list of Hurdle options.


Tarpaulins are available in a choice of two colours, green or white. The ends can be either solid or vented. When Plastic Feeders are required the tarpaulin supplied has a split back to allow easy access to the Feeders.

Nipple Bar Trough

Nipple Bar Troughs are fitted directly onto adjustable height drinker hurdles using anti-luce latches. They can be put either inside the tent or outside if you have a hurdle run. They are made from stainless steel with anti-cracking frost protection. Freedom Foods recommend 10 pigs per Nipple and our standard Tent Nipple Bar has 8 Nipples which can be supplied with either Bite or Vertical Nipples.

Click here for further Nipple Bar Trough details.

Channel Drinker Trough

Channel Drinker Troughs are fitted with T-Brackets onto adjustable height drinker hurdles. The hinged lid gives quick access to the ball float when maintenance is needed. Sloped ends enable easier cleaning.

Click here for further Channel Drinker Trough details.

Saddle Tank

Tent Saddle Tanks have been specifically designed to ensure a plentiful, clean water supply for livestock within the Tent. At approximately 3m x 430mm x 330mm they are compact but hold approximately 300 litres when full.

Click here for further Saddle Tank details.

Plastic Feed Hoppers

Black Plastic Feed Hoppers are put inside of the tent along the back, attached to an adjustable height feeder hurdle. The Feeder height is easily adjustable by moving the supplied anti-luce latches up or down in the slots. Additional feed space can be gained by fitting Feeders to the side Hurdles near the rear of the Tent.

Click here for further Plastic Feed Hopper details.

Technical Specifications & Drawings

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