To encourage young piglets to stay close to the sow following farrowing, John Harvey offers a range of Fenders (4’0” x 4’0” x 14”) to suit all Farrowing Hut types and sizes, including those with the optional 7” door step.

These are made from heavy duty sheet steel which is softly folded to remove any sharp edges.

The Fender has been designed at an optimum weight in order to ensure it can be easily moved by stockmen but heavy enough to discouraging pigs from also moving it. To make sure Fenders remain in place, hooks are welded to the ends which  hook over the hut’s doorstep. Alternatively, anti-luce latches can be used.

All John Harvey Fenders are available in the one size as above but in one of the finishes below.

Additional Options

Standard Painted (2mm)

The Standard Painted Fender weighs 35Kg. It has an unbroken, softly folded top edge and outwardly bent, lower edge to allow for self-cleaning and minimising disease transmission. They are finished in the same zinc based John Harvey Green paint resulting in a long lasting and chip resistant finish.

Standard Hot Dip Galvanized (1.5mm)

As an alternative to paint, the same Standard Fender design can be finished in Hot Dip Galvanise, weighing 30Kg. At 1.5mm thick it is lighter than it’s painted counterpart.

Painted Drop-Front (2mm)

We offer the option of removing one upper panel from the Standard Fender design and re-fitting it with the use of anti-luce latches creating a ‘Drop-Front’. The weight of this is 36Kg. This lower edge height can help prevent damage to the sow’s udder when nearing/just completed farrowing whilst still ensuring young piglets remain in close proximity to the hut immediately after farrowing.

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