Water Tank and Stand

John Harvey’s Tanks have been molded from strong, robust, 8mm thick polyethylene. The bases have pre-molded slots for easy lifting and moving using forklift tines. They have also been designed to vertically interlock with each other for space-saving transportation and storage.

Tank Stands can be fixed to 3mm steel Chequer Plate Bases which are available with a painted finish in the sizes listed below. Depending on the size of the Tank ordered the standard bases ensure they remain upright and stable when in-situ.

All Tanks come with a screw-on lid with float level indicator allowing the stockman to gauge, from a distance, the level of water remaining in the Tank (Tank water level should be checked daily).

Our wide range of options ensure there is a suitable tank for all set ups involving Farrowing, Weaners and Dry Sows. We offer the following sizes of Tanks with the below Nipple arrangements as standard:

(Bite Nipples are available in ½” x ½” or ½” x ¾” sizes)

In order to create a product tailored to your individual needs we provide variations on our standard equipment. These options are detailed below.

Size Guide

Additional Options


Stand options are available to suit each individual customer’s need and site, the below are offered in both fixed and adjustable height:

  • 4’ x 4’ steel chequer plate base
  • 8’ x 4’ steel chequer plate base

Adjustable Height Stands are made of folded 4mm heavy duty sheet steel and 50 x 50 x 5mm equal angle. The sheet steel is plasma cut with 5 height options at 50mm increments which are simply fixed using M12 x 16 bolts and nyloc nuts.


We can tailor each individual tank to suit specific Nipple numbers and arrangements according to customer requirements. Our Bite Nipples as mentioned above are available in 2 sizes – ½” x ½” and ½” x ¾” both of which fitted with our modified plastic inserts are able to withstand a flow rate of 2Ltr/min (as set out by Freedom Foods).

Galvanised Stand

As with a large proportion of John Harvey products, there is the option to finish Tank Stands with hot dip galvanise for longevity. This stand also incorporates a lifting frame.

1500Ltr Tank

If a greater capacity of water is required, we manufacture a Stand with Lifting Frame capable of holding 3 off 500Ltr Tanks. As standard 1500Ltr Tank Stands come with Bite Nipples on 2 sides, finished with our zinc-based green paint and are delivered fully assembled.

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