Wallow Drinking Trough

To help regulate their body temperature in hot weather, pigs are often seen wallowing in large open troughs or pre-dug holes. John Harvey offers Slope Sided Wallow Troughs made from heavy duty, 2mm folded and sheet steel. The top edges are folded for safety as Sows climb in and out. The sloped sides have been designed for easy cleaning and discourage the pigs from undermining the troughs.

To finish, the Troughs are hot dip galvanised for longevity and come with a float and valve enclosed in box with hinged lid to ensure Sows cannot get to and damage the float.

Depending on customer requirements and paddock layout, these can be supplied with the float and valve fixed at the end or in the middle of the trough. All are 8” deep and available in the following dimensions:

  • 4’ x 2’6”
  • 6’ x 2’6”
  • 8’ x 2’6”
  • 10’ x 3’

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