The John Harvey hut range has been designed with Freedom Foods specification in mind so offers adequate space, adjustable ventilation, safety and comfort for livestock and operators. These designs have been proven ‘on farm’ for a number of decades.

All huts feature as standard, a heavy duty Z 350 corrugated steel roof fixed with specifically made high-tensile roofing bolts and safe-folded edges. This combination ensures build quality is up to the highest standard and guarantees maximum long term value, durability and functionality with minimum maintenance. This also guarantees our huts longevity even with the expected rough treatment associated with housing fully grown pigs and their young.

A range of lifting frames and brackets has also been developed to assist with safe and efficient movement of huts whilst withstanding the unavoidable harsh treatment associated.

Harvey huts have become common place within the British countryside so the choice of green paint colour has been specifically selected to be sympathetic to the surrounding area. The chosen green paint is zinc based resulting in a long lasting and chip resistant finish.

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Dry Sow Hut

Service Hut

Weaner Hut

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